Amplifying patient voices for better clinical outcomes.

With patients' well-being as our compass, we integrate the patient voice in clinical development through Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS), capturing meaningful changes throughout the clinical development lifecycle.

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We generate personalized evidence with Goal Attainment Scaling.

We use Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) to bridge Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) and Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) strategies to capture meaningful change throughout the clinical development lifecycle. GAS enables us to generate the evidence stakeholders need to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

GAS in clinical development

We use a sophisticated end-to-end approach to standardize GAS implementation in clinical trials as a primary, secondary, or exploratory outcome measure.
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How does GAS work?

With Goal Attainment Scaling, patients and clinicians collaborate to set and track meaningful goals for treatment. Over time, GAS has become a valuable measure of efficacy in patient-focused drug development.
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Together we are stronger. Let’s work collaboratively to drive the shift towards more patient-centric clinical trials.
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Scale your GAS implementation success with GoalNav® Training and Software

Discover our comprehensive GAS Training Program for GAS raters and Clinical Research Associates. See how our robust electronic data capture platform is purpose-built to facilitate rigorous goal-setting, follow-up, and monitoring.

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Patient-Centered, Purpose-Led

We aim to increase the global adoption of personalized endpoints like Goal Attainment Scaling to better capture the patient experience. Discover how our founders pioneered GAS research to capture meaningful change and improve patients' well-being.

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Our work is grounded in scientific excellence.

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Our GAS Center of Excellence offers a vast collection of resources on GAS education and research from various fields. Easily browse through the multi-disciplinary library to enhance your knowledge of GAS.


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