A comprehensive suite of services dedicated to GAS Research

We ensure a standardized GAS implementation in clinical trials. Discover how our comprehensive suite of products, including expert advisory, training, electronic data capture, and clinical data management, facilitates rigorous goal-setting and follow-up.

Your trusted CRO partner for GAS advisory and standardized implementation

GAS Research Expertise

We specialize in GAS studies across a wide range of therapeutic areas where existing outcome measures may lack sensitivity to change or be inadequate in capturing the heterogeneity of disease expression. Our experience includes areas from dementia to autism to oncology, with a more recent focus on rare diseases.

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GoalNav® Training and Software

We offer a full suite of products and services to incorporate Goal Attainment Scaling in study protocols, including qualitative research to develop goal inventories, study design, and analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data. We provide a comprehensive e-learning platform to train and support site staff on GAS methods and a purpose-built electronic data capture system, GoalNav®, to facilitate data collection and clinical data management.

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Enhance your drug development with world class patient-centered research paradigms

The FDA's fourth draft guidance in the patient-focused drug development series recommends the use of personalized endpoints such as  Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) to capture meaningful change in clinical trials. We can assist in incorporating GAS research into your clinical development program.

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Experts in standardizing GAS as the personalized endpoint

Goal Attainment Scaling is a valuable, complementary endpoint which can act as a bridge between COA and PRO endpoint strategies. GAS is patient-centered and embraces heterogeneity, avoiding floor effects and ceiling effects common with standardized outcomes. Most importantly, GAS is a highly responsive change measure which allows for the timely capture and interpretation of treatment effects. With three decades of experience with GAS in clinical development, our research model, tools, and methods make implementation straightforward.

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