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Our GAS Center of Excellence showcases 30 years of thought leadership in Goal Attainment Scaling with a focus on cutting-edge methods for GAS implementation in clinical development. We continually scan and scrutinize  sources from our own work, peer researchers, collaborators, and academia to bring you the world’s most impactful and relevant Goal Attainment Scaling resources.

Comprehensive Goal Attainment Scaling resources at your fingertips.

Explore our comprehensive Goal Attainment Scaling resources. From seminal GAS methods and the latest in the GAS literature  to engaging videos, webinars, and training materials, our GAS Center of Excellence is designed to empower and inform researchers and clinicians.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, we strive to provide valuable insights and knowledge that can enhance your understanding of GAS and its utility in clinical research. Browse, learn, and engage with the content to fuel your growth and success.

Goal Attainment Scaling — The Basics

Better your overall understanding of Goal Attainment Scaling with this comprehensive guide. Learn the basics of the GAS method, its history, and utility in clinical development and dive into best practice for GAS training and trial implementation.

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GAS Library

Access the latest publications from global GAS thought leaders in regulatory affairs, theoretical research, and real-world applications.

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Our Publications

Explore our GAS publications which showcase our work in the field and the ways we can support personalized evidence generation throughout the clinical development life cycle.

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Watch our past webinars on various GAS-focused topics, including an overview of GAS in the context of the FDA’s patient-focused drug development program.



Access our research posters, each summarizing a year of research, initially showcased at conferences for scrutiny by world-renowned researchers. Subsequently, they are made available to the public, as shown in the list below.

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How does Goal Attainment Scaling work?

Goal Attainment Scaling  allows patients to identify treatment goals that are meaningful and important to them. Learn more about how GAS works and how the Ardea Outcomes team can help you with its implementation.