Passionate people doing purposeful work

Our culture is a catalyst for excellence and innovation.

Our culture is the heartbeat of our organization driving what we do and how we work. It starts with our shared commitment to positively impact the lives of patients and transform clinical trials. It defines our collaborative approach to partnership with our pharma, biotech, CRO, academic, and non-profit stakeholders. It compels us all to strive for excellence in everything we do.


We cultivate constant innovation, striving for excellence in our product and service delivery while supporting each and every employee in their personal growth journeys. As leaders in GAS research, we are committed to testing and refining our methods and sharing our findings with sponsors, regulators, and academics at conferences and in the peer-reviewed literature.


Together we are stronger. We assemble complex partnerships to solve some of health’s biggest problems and transform entire systems. Internally, we build strong, trusting teams to ensure the quality and sophistication of our approaches.

Social Impact

We seek to make a positive difference in the world where patients’ priorities are our priority. At Ardea Outcomes, we foster an environment where employees feel valued and understand how their work contributes to our mission. As a team, we strive for social impact and to make a positive difference in the world where patients are our top priority. Our culture values the importance of our work and our contributions as individual.

Our Story

Ardea Outcomes was founded by world-renowned frailty and dementia expert, Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, as DementiaGuide in 2000 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With a passion for patient-centered research and care before it gained currency, Dr. Rockwood began using personalized approaches to assess health outcomes in the mid-1990s. Most notably, he focused on Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) to capture the patient /caregiver voice as a principal investigator in early cholinesterase trials, in health policy studies, and to generate evidence for reimbursement decisions in Eastern Canada. 

It was around this time that Dr. Rockwood agreed to supervise Chere Chapman’s BSc honors thesis, inspiring her career in epidemiology which ultimately spanned three countries. While Chere was studying and building her global career in Japan, Toronto, Singapore, and Vietnam, Dr. Rockwood was developing SymptomGuide®, a digital GAS tool for dementia caregiver research. 

As the company expanded to other CNS areas, including Parkinson’s disease and Schizophrenia, DementiaGuide rebranded as DGI Clinical and Chere’s maritime roots pulled back to Nova Scotia to join the company as CEO. Building off the global trend toward patient-centered outcomes research, we narrowed our focus to products and services that facilitate the implementation of GAS in clinical development and evolved naturally into Ardea Outcomes.

With a team of world-class experts now spanning from Vancouver to Halifax, Ardea Outcomes now advises on Goal Attainment Scaling studies in multiple therapeutic areas from epilepsy to autism, hemophilia to rare oncology. Our early digital tools have matured into a robust digital GAS training program for clinicians, and GoalNav®, a flexible electronic data capture platform that walks clinicians and participants through the goal-setting and follow-up and centralized, hybrid, decentralized trials.

Still true to our roots, we’re encouraged by our progress, and remain passionate about a future where the patient voice is amplified with personalized research and care.